August 9, 2022

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David Gaudreault will take a media hiatus next year

David Gaudreault will take a media hiatus next year

“I’m going to retire early next year”, announced David Gaudreault into Isabelle Craig’s microphone on the airwaves of the ICI premiere on Friday morning.

Posted yesterday at 1:46 pm.

Véronique Larocque

Véronique Larocque

The host, who will replace Penelope McQuade during the summer, will discuss the extent to which specific texts of the poet have reached the general public, particularly those presented on the show. good evening For St. John the Baptist. “Are you wondering how big it all is?” Isabelle asks Craig for David Gaudreault. The author replied that he will take a media break next year.

“I was going to work, but I was going to work in my area. I decided to stop writing Press, I turn off the TV, I turn off everything really. I want to take a step back,” he said.

During this break, he plans to work on his writing projects.

“Cameras and all that was not my first aspiration. Me, I’m a writer. I want to be a writer. And I want to write. I need time to write. I want to write for a whole week,” the author explained.

Currently, “I can be very present. I was teased by this Farewell “, continued David Gaudreault. He doesn’t want people to be bored to hear or see him. “I don’t want anyone hanging out of the window,” he joked, referring to a skit at the year-end show impersonated by Yannick de Martino.

However, in an interview with Isabelle Craig, he promised to return with a new show in 2024. “I still want to meet people, I still want to create, I still want to participate in projects, but I want to choose a lot more. And I want to breathe my agenda,” he summarized.

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