August 19, 2022

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Protection of Lakes | Ottawa is considering the idea of ​​being more “proactive.”

Protection of Lakes |  Ottawa is considering the idea of ​​being more "proactive."

The federal government is considering how it can be “more proactive” and tighten federal law to protect lakes from excessive motorized boat traffic, which worries many citizens.

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Louis Leduc

Louis Leduc

Environment and Climate Change Minister Steven Guilbelt said this while in Montreal a few days ago.

Photo by Robert Skinner, Law Press Archives

Steven Guilbelt, Canada’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change

Early last week, Press published an article in which citizens condemned the plying of large numbers of motorboats on certain lakes, the environmental hazards this caused and the resulting noise. At the head of the lake protection associations, residents are also often left alone in trying to find solutions that are not available.

Pleasure boating falls under federal jurisdiction and is regulated by Canada Shipping Act, even if they are small boats. Only rare groups of citizens have enjoyed 20 years of making their lakes unnavigable or better protected from heavy traffic.

In recent years, municipalities and lake conservation associations have begun charging substantial fees for launching and, in some cases, banning non-shoremen from launching boats altogether. In the past, this type of initiative was ultimately banned by the courts.

We also heard citizen demands about the use of motorized boats and their impact on blue or green algae, their impact on these environmental issues.

Steven Guilbelt, Minister for the Environment and Climate Change

He said that he had discussed the matter with Minister Bibeau. Marie-Claude Bibeau, the agriculture minister, is also the MP for Compton-Stansted in Estrie, where she has been strongly challenged by some residents concerned about the number of boats on the lakes.

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A polarizing topic

In this region, the health of some lakes such as Lake Masavippi, which is struggling with zebra mussels, is of particular concern.

Article published by Press It has attracted many readers.

On the one hand, there are those who worry about their crowded lakes or just want a little quieter at home.

On the other hand, some deplore the fact that municipalities begin to restrict water resources to waterfront owners only, when they cannot afford it or afford a lakeside chalet. a river