June 5, 2023

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Stephen Harper’s stunning vulgarity

Stephen Harper's stunning vulgarity

On Monday, Stephen Harper proudly stepped down from the former prime minister’s Olympus, permanently in the Republic Reserve. On Twitter, He published a video supporting his dolphin, Pierre Poilivre In the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) leadership campaign

In doing so, he voluntarily torpedoed Jean Charest’s already faltering campaign. Like Jarnak’s jab at Quebec’s former premier, it’s hard to be more sly.

It must be said that Mr. Harper never laced. We also know he likes Poilivre, his protégé from the Alberta hard right. However its output is excellent.

For Jean Charest, it’s a coup. So he limited himself to saying that Stephen Harper was making a “personal” choice. The reality is that Mr. Charest is well aware that this choice is political and ideological.

For a significant part of the Conservative forces, the combination between the Canadian Alliance and the Progressive Conservative Party – the former founder of the PCC, Mr. He knew that this papal bull of Harper’s would automatically become gospel.

A high-biased pitbull

Naturally, in appearance, the dominant “Harperian” faction is also looking for a hyper-partisan Poilivre-style pit bull that Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau can undress politically.

Pierre Poilivre, a mock-Trumpian, easily switches debates of ideas for invective against his opponents. Starting with Jean Charest, his main rival for leadership.

Mr. For Poilievre and his followers – including the truckers of the so-called “Freedom Convoy” – the deadly sin of Jean Charest was the former leader of the conservative “Progressives” and leader of the Liberals in Quebec.

Jean Charest leans very much to the “left” side of the theoretical chessboard. Like the one that doesn’t kill fun.

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In his video, Stephen Harper praised his former minister, Pierre Poilieu. He called him “Justin Trudeau’s most eloquent and influential Liberal critic in our party.” His “conservative values”, he emphasized as an implicit point to Jean Charest, were “solid”.

Conflicts to come

“That’s why,” said Mr. Harper [Poilievre] Gained strong support in caucuses and among incumbent party members. […] This is how we will win the next federal election.

But unless Pierre Poilivre, upon his presumed leadership victory, turns out to be the purring cat and the new arbiter, what lies ahead for the CCP is disunity.

Sooner or later, he will expel the remaining shreds of the Progressive Conservative wing from the PCC, leaving the entire field to a version of the Harperian hard right, Poilivre.

Like the Canadian Alliance’s “Back to the Future”, but more radicalized.

If that happens, liberals can rest easy. Because nothing could be more distracting from the political reflexes of large numbers of Canadians than the aggressive and Trump-style populism of Pierre Poilievre.

The election of Pierre Poilivre as head of the CCP confirms that Canada is not immune to the disturbing rise of the far-right in the West.