August 16, 2022

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They returned | The Journal of Montreal

They returned |  The Journal of Montreal

We can’t say that the COVID episode is over, but through limitations and obstacles, golf has regained its letters of mutual aid, solidarity.

Big tournaments have resurfaced after two disastrous years for organizations that raised millions of dollars for hospitals, research, youth or people in need during the summer.

Richard Beaudry (no link), the promoter of many of these major events, confirms: “Yes, the big tournaments are back 100% and everyone is happy about it, even if it’s overflowing”. The pandemic has completely stopped supplies.

Others such as the Fondation Bon Départ (Canadian Tier), CHUM, Université de Sherbrooke students and Saint-Justine Hospital benefit greatly from it, and that’s not for nothing. is in millions of dollars. Dozens of charity omniums take place in all regions of Quebec and their presence is essential.

So, the little cardboard box lunches, the eliminated or isolated cocktails and the limited number of dinners are over, but evenings with silent auctions and live auctions are back for good for most people.

We also have to remember that ten years ago, the Charbonneau Commission struck down these big charitable tournaments. Some evidence revealing too close ties between government representatives and liberal entrepreneurs cooled enthusiasm and even alienated donors and philanthropists.

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