August 12, 2022

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Opening | Buzz in Villeray

Opening |  Buzz in Villeray

This fully residential part of Villere has few if any cafes-restos-bars. So Tabac Villere made an instant splash!

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Eve Dumas

Eve Dumas

To better serve local customers, the establishment is open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., selling coffee, pastries, breads, and then oysters, charcuterie, fries/mayo, small dishes and natural wines from Automne Bakery. Afternoon and evening.

Artist Patrick Bernatchez is the originator of this space, which is expected to evolve very slowly over the coming months.

  • We like green at Tabac.

    Photo circa Vancouver, Pres

    We like green at Tabac.

  • If Tabak's terrace is more dignified these days, the interior is also more welcoming.

    Photo circa Vancouver, Pres

    If Tabak’s terrace is more dignified these days, the interior is also more welcoming.


Chef and co-owner Jean-Francois de Villemur spent the summer at Gaspésy in Cantine Barbarasse. He won’t take over the kitchen until September. The other partner, Guillaume-Van Roberge, is a musician and writer. Also the place has some cultural activity that doesn’t really want to be stuck with a precise label.

“I have been looking for a place to open a small bar for 15 years. I would have liked to be in a more industrial area or on the waterfront, like in Berlin or Paris, but it’s not easy to create this kind of project in Montreal, where there are a lot of rules and laws that make it very difficult. sudden Then during the pandemic, I saw this old bar in my neighborhood and I thought it was a great opportunity,” explains Patrick Bernatchez.

Le Tabac is open every day except Monday, but the team has to run seven days a week as soon as it’s done.

1370 Villere Street, Montreal

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