June 3, 2023

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Chef Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois scores several points

Chef Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois scores several points

Through his positive attitude, his effective retorts and his ability to steer the discussion, Gabriel Naudeau-Dubois is probably the most points-scoring leader of the moment. face to face VAT according to experts.

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“I think he was able to present himself as a credible choice, to respond well to the attacks, to deliver the goods. It also took up a lot of space, so I think it was successful in that regard,” said Philippe DuBois, professor of political communication at the National School of Public Administration.

Without declaring Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois the big winner of the evening, Professor Mireille Lancet of the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières (UQTR), emphasized his “very positive speech”.

“It is good to get young people who are tired of this confrontation and negative view of politics. […] He is intelligent, he is a skilled communicator and he is very well prepared,” she pleaded.

For his part, Francois Legault has raised his voice on a few occasions, but seems to have played the “outgoing prime minister, a bit over the top” card too much, according to Mr Dubois.

“It has the extreme effect of appearing erased. Because during most of the exchange, Mr. Legault is in the background or very passive. At the same time, it may have allowed him not to appear arrogant, which seems to be a criticism that comes back to him,” he believes.

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Ms. Lalancette recognized the impatience and belligerence of Mr. Legault, who had mainly committed attacks against the Quebec Solidaire.

According to two of our political scientists, Eric Duhaime, the leader of the Conservative Party, presented his “mainstream” version.

“We thought it might be a little calmer, but it might be less effective than we expected […] He had some good lines, but we didn’t see him as combative as in the rallies, for example,” explains Mr Dubois.

All the chefs still managed to cross their lines, experts point out.

Our two experts also emphasized the quality of the replicas distributed in the evening, some of which are likely to be returned during the election campaign.

“We actually like these formulas for tweets, for media. We want it to make people laugh and keep going,” Ms LaLancette said