December 5, 2023

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A brick recycled in 10 seconds thanks to a Quebec-designed device

A brick recycled in 10 seconds thanks to a Quebec-designed device

Every year, tons of bricks that are still in good condition are discarded. Thanks to a Quebec invention it is now possible to reuse them.

With the help of partners, Tommy Bouillon, owner of Maçonnerie Gratton, developed a brick recycle machine that cleans bricks of mortar residue and reuses them to rebuild a wall. Solves the labor problem rather than the environmental one.

“Till now, cleaning was done manually only with a hammer, brick by brick. Equipped with diamond blades, this machine cleans bricks in less than 10 seconds and with almost no waste. It’s a huge time saver,” emphasizes Tommy Bouillon.

Brick Recycle is currently being used on construction sites in Quebec and Ontario for multiple residences and complexes of four storeys or less, led by Maconnery Gratton and Atwill Morin.

The machine is mounted directly on scaffolding and can be operated by one worker.

“Rebuilding and rebuilding the wall can now be done with four workers instead of five. That way we will be productive,” said Mr. Bouillon, who started manufacturing his invention.

Strong demand

Other masonry contractors are interested in Brique Recyc. In Quebec, marketing of the machine was delayed.

“We are awaiting the CCQ’s decision [Commission de la construction du Québec] To find out which profession can operate the equipment, the entrepreneur explains. She finally arrived last June.

Meanwhile, France has broken up brick recycling.

“We sold out our entire first series in Europe. In France, regulations are strict in terms of material recovery, so the masonry companies there have shown great interest in our machine,” explains Tommy Bouillon.

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Entrepreneurs here will have to wait until early spring 2023 to receive their recycled brick in the manufacturing process.

Many positive effects

Tommy Bouillon estimates that reusing bricks on a 1000 square foot (90 m2) wall can prevent pollution emissions equivalent to 5.9 tonnes of carbon dioxide, equivalent to one less car on the road for a year. Imagine when Brique Recyc is used in hundreds of Quebec construction sites!

The impact of the machine is not only on the environment. Building owners can also save big by saving material.

“The benefit is difficult to quantify, but it is significant, Maconnery Gratton assures the owner. In addition to limiting the purchase of new bricks, the machine saves the cost of renting containers for construction waste. Owners no longer need to apply for a permit to occupy the public domain, which can cost up to $500 a day. .not to mention lower labor costs.

  • Date of Establishment: 2007
  • Activity: Construction business
  • Shareholders: Tommy Bouillon, David Dufour
  • Number of Employees: 20

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