November 27, 2022

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Rightmost on the dock

Rightmost on the dock

On Tuesday, we went to the selection of jurors to decide on the alleged treasonous conspiracy of the Oath Keepers, one of the far-right groups present at the time of the January 6, 2021 attack.

The army is made up of former soldiers and law enforcement officers who claim to protect the constitution. They’ve been associated with everything from Roger Stone to Alex Jones and Infowars, mired in the mire of disinformation and conspiracy.

Judiciary plays a big role

In January 2022, the Justice Department indicted 11 members of this militia. The trial, which began on Tuesday, is related to 5 of the 11 accused.

The latter accused Donald Trump to Joe Biden of orchestrating a treasonous conspiracy, using force to prevent a peaceful transition of power. If convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison. The defense of 2 of the 11 accused members could be affected by their guilty pleas.

Justice Department lawyers know they will be venturing down a slippery slope of being politically charged if their freedoms are challenged. Not only have we rarely managed to demonstrate the existence of a seditious conspiracy, there has been no guilty verdict since the mid-1990s, leaving them with no margin for error.

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The next Trump?

In today’s polarized climate, government failure can have a domino effect. If all the spotlights are on the Oath Keepers for now, most observers can’t fail to notice all the links between the group and the 45.e President. Members of the group also alleged that they were there to protect the president’s supporters.

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One of the defense strategies of the militiamen also depends on the probability that 45e The President executes the Sedition Act. This old law from 1807 allowed Donald Trump to use militia services. According to them, Oath Keepers are only ready to answer a call that never comes.

At first glance, the Department of Justice appears to have solid evidence, including numerous text messages between members of the group. We can prove not only the seriousness of preparations, but also that we have taken action.

In recent years, extremists have gained followers and become increasingly close to power. One can only expect flawless work from the Department of Justice, a presentation of facts beyond doubt.

There is no respite for the defense of democracy and what is at stake from yesterday is more than the fate of a few individuals, it is the stability of the entire system that is in question.