December 6, 2023

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Guy Nantel on the ballot: “There are disparities”

Guy Nantel on the ballot: “There are disparities”

Monday’s election had a very special flavor for Guy Nantel. A man who tried to please the Parti Québécois leadership watched the vote count carefully. According to him, the PQ and the Conservatives deserve a better fate.

On Sophie Durocher’s show on QUB Radio, the comedian said Eric Duhaime’s party should have at least one deputy in Quebec City in November, with 13% of the vote.

“We want to see more of these people in the National Assembly than boring on the streets. They should get at least one seat,” he said.

Mr. According to Nantel, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon believes that although Plamondon has had an excellent campaign, he deserves a better fate. Despite getting 15% of the votes, only three representatives won the seat.

Difference between votes cast and seats won

Is the current voting system effective in representing the will of the people?

the date October 3, 2022

Compare with the number of seats obtained

“They only have one question a week,” lamented the former party leadership candidate.

He also points to the Liberal Party, which received only 7% of the province’s francophone vote. For him, it shows a significant gap between Montreal and the rest of Quebec.

“When you weaken, you only have your base left, and that base is English speakers,” he analyzed.

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