November 28, 2022

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New houses… no electricity

New houses... no electricity

Over the past two years, new housing construction has exploded almost everywhere in Quebec, making it more difficult to provide basic necessities for everyone on time.

This is especially the case in Trois-Rivières, where young people have learned the hard way that they will not be connected to electricity when their new home arrives.

Nicholas Montplaisir came home last weekend to find that his house was without electricity. However, he is moving in with his spouse this Friday. A new home owner who is a new father can end up in a hotel.

“We have milk machines for the kids. We have [aussi] We need electricity to heat his room if we want to put him to bed at night,” explained Mr. Montplaisir, adding that a generator would solve some problems, but not all. Without electricity, keeping food cold is impossible.

“The fridge doesn’t work [avec une génératrice]. So it is practically impossible to come and live here without electricity,” he said.

The situation is critical at Hydro-Québec, where delays occur. “For two years, we have had an economic and social situation. In short, requests for connections increased by 50%. This creates some challenges,” explains Hydro-Québec spokesman Marc-Antoine Reust.

Therefore, you should plan ahead to get electricity on time. In addition, when the file requires the involvement of an electrical engineer, the delay is 9 to 12 months.

Nicolas Montplaisir’s file opened in August 2021, according to the promoter, Fauvel Management. Missing document or signature? Shortage of staff? It is difficult to know who is at fault. And these delays cost contractors dearly because they have to use generators to get there.

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A family from Saint-Étienne-des-Grès is also worried about the lack of electricity for their evacuation in December. Two pillars are missing and the waiting time is estimated at around nine months.