December 5, 2023

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United Kingdom | Liz Truss wants to remain Prime Minister

United Kingdom |  Liz Truss wants to remain Prime Minister

(LONDON) “Sorry” for her “mistakes”, British Prime Minister Liz Truss said she was determined to stay in power, hours after abandoning the economic program announced by her new finance minister.

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Brigitte Dusseau
France Media Agency

Six weeks after Liz Truss arrived in Downing Street, her tenure was in disarray after a humiliating reversal of her campaign promises.

In a contrite interview with the BBC on Monday evening, the head of government repeatedly said she was “sorry” for her “mistakes”, believing she wanted to go “too fast”.

“I will remain in my post to uphold my commitments in the national interest”, she promised, adding that she would remain party leader until the next two-year election, the opposition’s favourite.

“I quickly worked to correct these errors”, Lis Truss launched to its majority address, where maneuvers multiplied behind the curtain and pushed it towards the exit.


Called by the opposition to explain itself to parliament on Monday, the British prime minister represented herself after a new public humiliation: her new finance minister abandoned her economic program.

Adding to the discomfort, she remained silent for three days and sent Penny Mordaunt, who is sometimes named as her successor, in charge of relations between the government and the House of Commons, to answer questions from the opposition.

Photo Agency France-Presse

Government and House of Commons Relations Officer Penny Mordant

Labor leader Keir Starmer condemned the “absolute vacuum” in power.

“Where is the Prime Minister? She hides, avoids questions, fears her shadow,” he thundered. “Where is she? Repeatedly elected officials.

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Scottish National Party (SNP) MP Kirsten Oswald said: “She is hiding in Downing Street, she has to answer for the damage she has caused.” “If she doesn’t have the courage to come today, is there any point in her coming back?” »

Mme Mordant, who apologized three times on behalf of Truss cited a “serious reason” for his absence to questions from the opposition, without elaborating on the recent turmoil that had “raised concern”. She was “not under the desk”, she had to assure, which caused general glee.

Mme When new finance minister Jeremy Hunt explained his 180-degree economic turnaround to MPs, Truss came to Parliament, sitting in silence, her gaze absent. Reversing most of the measures announced at the end of September, he reduced M’s economic policy to an empty shellme The Truss, which is expected to boost growth through tens of billions of pounds in tax cuts, has spooked markets.

Photo Agency France-Presse

New Finance Minister Jeremy Hunt has Liz Truss behind him

The exit, he announced exclusively, was to freeze energy bills for individuals, planned for two years. The most expensive measure will be reviewed in April amid rising fuel costs. Also exit the income tax cut, deferred “indefinitely”.

Downing Street insisted it was still leading the country and had “worked closely” with Mr Hunt to “agree this approach”.


M’s only public interventionme Truss has made a spate of tweets since Friday, including one on Monday that said “Britons need stability” as panic swirls among the Conservatives two years ahead of parliamentary elections.

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Hiding in the prime minister’s country residence this weekend, after Friday’s disastrous press conference, she turned on her heels after 8 minutes, Mme Truss appears disempowered and anger is simmering as some members of her conservative camp plot to topple her.

The conservative press has fired red balls at those whose government program has been torn apart, and four conservative MPs have already publicly called for her departure 41 days after she took office. Dozens of others are ready for a no-confidence motion.

The crisis of confidence after the storm in the markets after these budget announcements, has accelerated in recent days, Mme Truss sacrificed his finance minister and friend Kwazi Kwarteng on Friday, as the majority of Britons want to leave in a disastrous election for the Conservatives.

Since then, Jeremy Hunt, a twice-failed candidate for Downing Street but a calm and experienced politician – who has been foreign secretary and health minister – appears as the pilot on the plane.

Far from his appointment on Friday, he said he was determined to be “honest” with the British.

“I think Jeremy Hunt is a de facto Prime Minister,” MP Roger Gale told Sky News.

“The situation is unsustainable and I don’t think it will continue any longer,” MP Angela Richardson told Times Radio, attributing to Trust is responsible for the “10 billion pounds” hole lost due to the crisis caused by its budget announcements of September 23, which “must be filled now”.

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