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A police officer was assaulted

A police officer was assaulted

A Quebec police officer accused of violent altercations last year will face justice after an investigation by the Bureau of Independent Investigations.

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Jacob Picard, a Service de Police de la Ville de Quebec (SPVQ) officer, was charged with causing bodily harm and assault in two separate incidents.

Quebec police officer Jacob Picard faces two charges of assault and aggravated assault for allegedly pushing two men in two separate interventions circulating on social networks.

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Quebec police officer Jacob Picard faces two charges of assault and aggravated assault for allegedly pushing two men in two separate interventions circulating on social networks.

The 27-year-old police officer will appear in Quebec City court on Nov. 28.

Mathieu Gamache, who was injured in one of the two incidents, said he was relieved that police officer Pickard’s case was decided fairly.

Surveillance cameras from the Saint-Joseph district showed the officer violently pushing the victim down a hallway, slamming his head against a wall.

Complainant “Satisfied”

“I’m assured and I’m satisfied with all the other people who had problems with this policeman and were not lucky enough to film, because there probably were,” said the resident of Quebec. SPVQ should ask themselves.

“The city needs to reflect on the behavior of its own police officers,” argued the man, who suggests repeated tests “to see if officers are capable of handling certain critical situations.”

Civil suit

Agent Picard has already been targeted by a formal notice filed by his alleged victim in the district’s violent arrest.

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Mathieu Gamache paid the City of Quebec $396,000 and $30,000 personally to pay the police officer notice for the damage he sustained on the evening of October 17, 2021.

His lawyer, Mi François-David Bernier, confirmed Log The civil suit will be formally filed in the coming weeks.

“There is a need to suspend the police officer who has the right to remain silent as we cannot question him pending a criminal investigation, but we are sure to move forward,” explained the lawyer. .

Beware, says the union

Quebec City’s Brotherhood of Police Officers said in a press release that it learned “with regret” of the DPCP’s decision to charge Jacob Picard.

Referring to the case of Alexis Vadeboncoeur in 2013, in which four police officers were accused in Trois-Rivières, the union specifically emphasized that the police officer enjoys innocence “until proven otherwise”.

“Three of the four police officers were finally acquitted by Judge Magnon, who ruled that the force used was not excessive, despite the video images in the file”, recalls the Fraternity in support of Jacob Picard.

Administrative tasks

The latter remained in the employ of the SPVQ for the duration of the proceedings, confirming the management of the police force but not commenting on the file.

Jacob Picard has already been entrusted with administrative tasks for the past few months.

Two incidents are the focus of the charges

October 17, 2021

  • Resto-Bar District Saint-Joseph
  • Matthew Gamache’s description of not wearing a mask as required at this time by public health.
  • Surveillance cameras show Officer Jacob Picard violently pushing his victim against a wall.
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November 20, 2021

  • Bar sector on the Grande Allée
  • During an argument with a group, Agent Picard points his pepper spray at a man and yells at him: “You want me to gas my host? »
  • According to a video posted on social media, he pushed him into a patrol car.

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