June 7, 2023

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Kate Winslet, criticized for her curves, gives a liberating speech about accepting herself and one’s weight: “Be happy”

Kate Winslet, criticized for her curves, gives a liberating speech about accepting herself and one's weight: "Be happy"

Kate Winslet was just 22 years old and almost overnight, she became a global star with a hit movie. Titanic. But this interplanetary notoriety quickly turns into a double-edged sword. We’re in 1997 and different looks aren’t really accepted. Because she doesn’t meet Hollywood actress beauty standards, she has to be very thin, the actress flaunts her curves through the media. The English press was particularly brutal and, at the time, multiplied Weight reviews.

Kate Winslet denies body shaming criticism

In an interview with Madame Figaro, published this Thursday, October 20, Kate Winslet returns to these violent attacks on her physique. and offers a liberating discourse on self-acceptance. Because, from its inception, the Leonardo DiCaprio’s companion She chooses to accept herself as she is. When asked about her refusal to submit to orders, the 47-year-old actress explains “I was brought up in a unique way, without prejudice, without judgement. I was always taught to treat people as equals and with respect. To be you, be free and feel good about yourself”. Education, she says, “saved” her when she left Titanic : “In the late 1990s, magazines had no respect for actresses. He shamelessly discussed women’s physique and made special comments about actresses’ bodies and weight. I remember that time well and it’s a shame to look back.”.

Accept your weight and curves to live happily

However, Kate Winslet was able to withstand the brutal media pressure. “It probably needs strength, but to anchor more, it’s always been my case. I know that this excitement is temporary, it will pass and real life is the only thing that matters”, Star said. Hence there is no question of dieting according to the ideal of thinness. Proudly, she adds: “I haven’t changed one iota, I still think the same. I’m true to who I am and that’s what keeps me healthy. I’m so happy to be able to say today: none of this matters”. And the actress urged us to let go of our obsession with being skinny: When friends tell me “It’s terrible, I gained weight during Covid”, I answer them: ‘So what? What’s the problem?’ Be happy, life is too short to waste on such thoughts. There are other things that are important and less..

Nakshatra was confident till the end

Guilt-free speech is good. Back to the criticism at the time TitanicKate Winslet concludes: “I decided to stick to the image that was expected of me. But I lost myself, I became someone else. I was driven by this survival instinct that told me that madness was not on my side: maybe they are madmen? » The actress is finally happy that times and mindsets have changed since then: “We today pretty much agree that women, despite being heavily scrutinized, can display curves naturally, gracefully, and without being crucified. Culture and attitude are changing”. There is still work to be done but we are moving in the right direction.

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