October 3, 2023

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From here lawyers will help Ottawa against Quebec

From here lawyers will help Ottawa against Quebec

Last month destiny, President of the Canadian Bar Association Quebec Section (CBA-Quebec), Martin Burelle, attacked the work of vetting judges that I have long engaged in. Instead of wondering if our justice system is unfair to Quebec, Ms.me Burele defends the regime.

The judge and the party

Take the example of ABC-Quebec advocate Nicole Duval-Hessler. I filed a complaint against the Chief Justice of the Quebec Court of Appeal. In 2019, this court had to decide whether to suspend Act 21 or not. or a member of the Duval-Hessler Lord Reading Association. She is challenging the state’s secularism law in court and has to recuse herself. Not only did she not, but she was due to give a speech at Lord Reading’s fundraising event, which was canceled by my complaint.

Naturally, this situation has not caused any problem for the Canadian Bar, the Quebec section, which fights against secularism. The organization is denouncing the disgraceful provision that partially shields Bill 21 from being invalidated by federal judges. To ABC-Quebec, Qubecers lawyers, it is disgusting that their country’s elected representatives are preventing Ottawa magistrates from invalidating our laws in our exclusive jurisdiction! According to them, even though the English provinces and Ottawa had chartered us at the time of repatriation, this gesture was slanderous.


The purpose of this charter is not to protect our rights, but to deny our existence as a nation. It imposes on us Canadian bilingualism, to anglicize Quebec, as well as to reduce Canadian multiculturalism to some minority status. If this last principle is questioned by Act 21, it is the first to be attacked by Act 96.

ABC-Québec opposed the law and, surprise!, the organization also attacked me in this case. Is it my fault? I criticized Judge Chantal Corriveau. A self-described “visceral” federalist suspended part of Bill 96. This is what all French de facto detractors want, whether it’s Mesdames Burrell and Corrivey, Supreme Court Justices, Justin Trudeau, or whoever is tasked to rule over us.

Martin Burrell also argued in favor of diversity of the judiciary. However, it is anything but diverse. Quebec jurists who advocate French, secularism or sovereignty will never have access. As Michel Robert said when he was Chief Justice of the Quebec Court of Appeal, sovereigns are forbidden. In the land of the Canadian Charter, judges who are supposed to protect our rights openly promote discrimination against certain members of our nation.

This grave injustice is of no concern to ABC-Québec. This group of lawyers is as biased as the judges. Starting with Martin Burrell, many of its members will no doubt be appointed judges by Ottawa over the next few years.