May 27, 2023

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Negotiations on employment contract | Resignation of Provincial Police Association President

Negotiations on employment contract |  Resignation of Provincial Police Association President

Dominique Ricard, president of the Quebec Provincial Police Association (APPQ), announced his resignation Friday amid talks over the renewal of the police employment contract.

Updated yesterday at 10:05 pm.

Delphine Belgium

Delphine Belgium

“The ways of doing things have changed and the needs expressed by members are part of a different model of what suits me and what I offer. […]. It led to debates in an archaic way, similar to those of the 1970s. We found a way to negotiate peacefully for 15 years! ” the union leader wrote on Facebook.

The APPQ is negotiating from 2021 to renew the employment contract of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) police officers, which expired last March. According to Dominic Rickard, the association is specifically pressuring management to reduce mandatory overtime.

Staff retention and mental health issues among police officers have also been discussed at the bargaining table over the past few weeks. In a press release published on September 15, the APPQ denied that “since the Treasury Board Secretariat came to the negotiating table last May, things have moved very slowly.”

“After more than a year of discussions, we have to accept that the Treasury Board does not understand the police profession and does not recognize the involvement and work of the police force at Level 6,” stressed Dominic Rickard.

SQ police officials were surprised by the union leader’s statement. “Nobody expected it today, but the decision to leave the ranks rests with him,” responded Nicholas Roberge, head of media relations broadcasting service at SQ. However, he reiterated that talks would continue “despite Mr Rickard’s withdrawal”.

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On Friday evening, some agents across the province announced their support for Dominic Ricard. “The SQ police officers turned on their vehicle’s flashing lights and sounded the siren for about five minutes at around 7am,” it was reported. daily.

Photo by Jimmy Desbiens, The Daily

Police officers from the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) from across the province flashed lights and sirens Friday evening to show their solidarity in support of their union’s resigning president.

It has been suggested that the resigned president of the APPQ will remain in office until the completion of the replacement process, which begins next Monday.