June 6, 2023

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Pierre Fitzgibbon claims he has no differences with Sophie Brochu

Pierre Fitzgibbon claims he has no differences with Sophie Brochu

(Montreal) The new super minister of economy and energy, Pierre Fitzgibbon, re-assured on Sunday that he is ready to work with Hydro-Québec president Sophie Brochu.

Updated yesterday at 10:02 pm.

Going through the set of the show Everyone talks about it On Radio-Canada, Mr. Fitzgibbon, Mr. He reiterated that there was never any “personal conflict” between them.me He and Brochu — though the two sometimes have divergent views on the management of Quebec’s hydroelectric resources.

At the end of the day, he said, everyone wants the same thing: “Using our renewable energy sources […] To decarbonize Quebec”.

Of course, he talked about hydropower, but also wind power, solar power and biofuel.

“We want to use it to decarbonize Quebec, achieve our goals and create collective wealth. It’s not in opposition, but in harmony,” explained Mr. Fitzgibbon.

The minister, who also emphasized that he thinks it’s natural to add an energy portfolio to the economy – which he had during the CAQ’s first mandate – confirmed that the government will have to choose projects that are “necessary for Quebec” within it. Environmental change.

When asked if Quebecers should reduce their electricity consumption to provide more to the industries involved in this transition, Mr. Fitzgibbon was cautious.

“We have to balance the demand, it has to be justified to the population because it is good for Quebec, look at the supply we have and find ways to compensate for what is lacking. »

Mr Fitzgibbon’s comments came three days after the Legault government formed a new cabinet. He was accompanied by Deputy Premier and Transport Minister Genevieve Guilbault and Education Minister Bernard Drainville on his visit. Everyone talks about it.

Third Link: “Communication Challenge”

The newly appointed Minister of Transport, Genevieve Guilbault will have many issues to manage quickly in her new role: major work on the Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine tunnel, the opening of the Réseau Express Metropolitan (REM) and the management of the third link project between Quebec and Louis.

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Due to the closure of the tunnel connecting Montreal to its south coast, three of the six lanes will be unavailable by October 31.me “It’s going to be tough,” admits Guilbault.

However, she promised to better convey the message of the existence of mitigation measures such as public transport and carpooling.

The arrival of REM will also help reduce this sector, but it won’t be until spring. CDPQ Infra, which manages this automated light rail project, announced this week that the South Shore branch will not be ready this fall as previously announced, but next spring.

Mme Guilbault, however, said he was assured that this new deadline would be “the final one” for the project, which has already had its fair share of adventures.

As for the third Quebec-Lewis link, the minister again promised that the government would unveil its feasibility study “in early 2023.” She assured that the government is not open to the public in this regard.

“I’m a communication girl, I’m not one to hide things or lie. I am transparent and proactive, and when we can communicate information, you can be sure we will. »

Drainville wanted to make an agreement with the labor unions

New Education Minister Bernard Drainville wants to get along with the unions waiting for him, even if he wasn’t always kind to them during his time as a radio host.

Mr. left the microphone at Kogeko to join CAQ. Drainville affirmed from the start that education was “the most beautiful ministry I could inherit.”

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He said he was excited by the idea of ​​being able to help educate young people and improve the system by passing “a lot of good things are happening” in Quebec.

To improve the network, Mr. Drainville opened the door to productive collaboration with unions.

“There are problems and I think we can find solutions together. I’m not saying that me and the unions will always be on the same wavelength – maybe not – but on a package of deals, I think we can agree,” according to Mr. Drainville.