June 3, 2023

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“The person who hurt me so much is gone!”

"The person who hurt me so much is gone!"

On Facebook he said:

My father died.

The person who adopted me is no more.

The person who hurt me so much is gone!

The one who scared me,

Not now. The man who rocked the house with his pranks and words is no more.

Gone is the man who took my beloved mother hostage and destroyed her from within.

There is no longer a man who outwardly pretends to be blameless while casting us into hell in complete secrecy.

The guy who came to pick me up from the host family, the first horrified look at me literally caught me, he was no more.

I have waited 50 years for this man to repent. He always wanted my forgiveness

I wanted him to look me straight in the eyes and ask for my forgiveness.

He took courage and left.

I wish him an apology from above and a smooth journey for him. No one deserves to suffer on the final journey. Not even him, even if he makes us so hard.

Today, I try to collect the smallest and most innocuous nuggets of memory to calm my panicked soul. I was always afraid that he would come and hurt me. Today, I find it hard to believe that it will disappear with him. Through his thunderous anger, there is his own pain. Everyone has their share of pains and bears their share.

I want my father to apologize to my mother and my sister Leanne because they are in danger of meeting her there.

Go in peace. I apologize to you!!»

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