June 1, 2023

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old new | The Journal of Montreal

old new |  The Journal of Montreal

Some have small round bellies, calves that are less tight than time, and without aggression or stress, they are still a crowd pleaser. The Ancients Canadians had just returned from Alberta, where they had gone to play two games. Acton, Dandenault, Richer, DuPont, Bélanger, Petrov, Skrudland and Richard Sevigny this time led by Rick Greene. Another will soon be added Delorme, Damphousse, Carboneau, Bricebois, Quintal, Bouillon, Begin and Dagenais. Still very popular.

Very few teams can beat them, but that’s not the point.

Share the joy. Those who encounter them first hand and the professionals, even the old ones, know how they are superior to the amateur. Positioning, accuracy of passes, power and complexity of shots are installed for thousands of matches and many more training sessions in life where we only talk about strategy.

Take a closer look at Richer’s “Garnot” who, at 56 years old, still crosses the ice in 3 strides, or try to intercept a perfect 100-foot pass unleashed by Patrice Brisebois, or imagine Stephane Quintal if he decides to pick you up in the corner.. It’s all a great experience.

Also, seeing these heads that have marked the hockey landscape for years evokes a beautiful nostalgia for the audience. Watching Chris Nilan or Yvonne Lambert as a coach is special.

Closer than ever

For a paid affiliation to the organization organizing the event, one or two players will have the wonderful opportunity to participate in the match, but in blue-white-red uniforms, with the adults’ teammates.