June 7, 2023

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The end of American democracy

The end of American democracy

A good portion of the American population does not trust elections. This is very serious.

Joe Biden said yesterday that American democracy cannot be taken for granted. Already, Republicans are claiming loud and clear, but without any proof, that the midterm elections were marred by fraud.

In the by-elections, the results of the Congress are not so much as the local elections are held at the same time across the country.

Republican strategists want to convince Democratic voters that their vote won’t count. They refuse to certify results that benefit Democrats because the stakes have already been raised or because the election arbitrators are Republicans.

The first election maneuver is fair game. It is often used to discourage voters on one side from voting.

On the other hand, the second approach is undemocratic. All the candidates participating in the election must accept the results of the ballot boxes in advance. Especially when there is no sign of massive fraud.

Despite the accusations of the Republicans, it should be remembered that there was no evidence of large-scale fraud in the last election in America. At most a few anecdotal cases have been reported. The same applies to early or remote voting in the first midterm election.

Since a long time

The drift of the American electoral system began long ago, with the ultra-partisan drawing of election districts, and it has continued recently, with the rejection of limits on election spending, the prize of the US Supreme Court’s reprehensible ruling.

Current threats against democracy are more dangerous than ever because they are cultural in nature, because they depend on the transformation of individual mindsets.

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It is surprising that a new anti-democratic political culture has crystallized around Donald Trump, who suffers from advanced narcissism and therefore did not expect him to lose.

Bias in this new political culture for reasoned arguments is almost non-existent. All that matters to them is victory, which means maintaining their hold on power. Moreover, Trumpist Republicans have practically no electoral platform.

Democratic Responsibilities

Democrats are partly to blame for the Democratic drain because they are less likely to be so-called independent voters. Democratic leaders form a gerontocracy that turns away many young, quality candidates. The Democratic Volk Wing has disaffected many Americans. The incoherent Democratic discourse on the economy was poorly received.

Democrats are guilty of not being able to field strong candidates against Trump and his gang.

But beware, this anti-democratic current has already crossed our borders as American cultural imperialism overwhelms us. It will be expanded.