December 4, 2023

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Health: Quebec is doing a “very good job” of data collection, Trudeau says

Health: Quebec is doing a "very good job" of data collection, Trudeau says

Djerba | The Minister of Health, Christian Dubé, “is already doing a very good job in terms of data collection”, indicated Justin Trudeau the other day in a short interview with François Legault, where he discussed, among other things, federal health transfers.

Canada’s prime minister also thinks other provinces “could take inspiration from what some provinces (like Quebec) are doing with data.”

“The federal government can check that everyone is doing their homework,” Mr. Trudeau promised, while all Canadians will benefit from better ways to organize and manage the delivery of health services.

“I think it’s encouraging,” Francois Legault later responded to his participation in La Francophonie’s 18th summit.

Legault is waiting for an offer

Mr. Legault, who said he is open to sharing his data with Ottawa and Quebec Technology with other provinces, is waiting for a concrete offer from the federal government, however.

“We have not seen any proposal with the amount yet. […] We are still waiting for the first proposal from the federal government,” insisted Mr Legault.

Ten days ago, Francois Legault repeated that “Justin Trudeau thinks he’s better than Christian Dube.” He was responding to Ottawa’s initiation, promising tax cuts to Quebecers and handing out checks to fight inflation, at a time when Quebec is asking for $6 billion more in federal transfers to pay for its health care costs.

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