May 28, 2023

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November is flattening morale, Twitter is ablaze with toxicity, and I’ve seen a rat living in my living room, but anyway, it’s going to take several episodes. Completely high school To get our spirits up to nine – or back to seven, we’re fine with that.

First made into a web series in December 2021 as a comedy Completely high school Gets the big traditional TV treatment with full 30-minute episodes and a dramatic twist befitting a traditional sitcom. The Crave platform will offer the first two half-hours this Wednesday and ten episodes of the simulation through December 14 Scott Brothers will be there.

On the so-called normal airwaves, the Nuovo channel relays Completely high school Wednesdays through January 11 at 7:30 p.m. between two sheets Unfortunately it doesn’t last for a year.

so, Completely high school, which is totally stupid, super nono, but very funny. The concept? Series like American teen series pastiche OC Set in a high school with a) a beloved football team, b) evil cheerleaders, c) a group of dopey athletes, d) a gay student in the room, e) a misguided heartthrob headed for the railroad tracks and f) a hyper-motivated class president hated by the school’s employees.

Episodes of Completely high school Shoot in English and the actors dub each other in International French to mimic bad translations. Dawson And Degrassi. Expressions like “girl thing”, “it sucks”, “I like it” or “virgin face” pepper the dialogues. And it’s really funny.

The movement began in 2007 – hello wicks headbands and fubu linen – at New Garden Hills Valley School in Chicago, Wisconsin, Nevada. It’s back to school for Allie Thompson (Rosalie Vaillancourt) and her nemesis Ashley Winterbottom (Catherine Levack), a rich high school chick whose father, Reverend Winterbottom, is offering gay reassignment therapy.

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Ashley is (and still is) dating star basketball player Brian Manson (Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais), but their relationship is disrupted by the arrival of a new student from New Garden Hills Valley, an orphan named Dark Chaz (Pierre-Luc Lafontaine). With a troubled past that grew into the town’s mess.

Plots of Completely high school Primarily a teen drama, it relies heavily on good old “teen drama” and stereotypes attached to the main characters. Passionate Keith O’Keefe (Patrick Emmanuel Abellard) tries to reveal his sexual orientation to his parents, and he and the villainous Ryder Williams (Antoine Pilon) are gay, but less so. Prep.

The new episodes explore New Garden Hills Valley’s C-Wing, home to outcasts like goth Quinn Gray (Nahema Ricci), who wears a spiked necklace and reads a book. Self harm for dummies. The New Professor Brown (Eric Bernier), a caricature of Robin Williams The Society of Dead PoetsClimb up on his desk and don’t hesitate to quote the rapper 50 Cents to motivate his flock.

The second episode featured two main characters, singer Emile Bilodeau and Julie Snyder as an over-made shower-baguette mother. Jay Du Temple appears in the eighth half hour as popular rapper Gemini. And Guillaume Lambert is a regular in Reverend Winterbottom’s dubious treatments, where he meets our poor Keith, who, like Will Smisse, pronounces kiss in the French manner.

No need to watch the web series Completely high school to launch its enhanced version. The sitcom’s schoolboy humor, on the other hand, is sometimes coarse and fast, so you have to be careful because it’s delivered on multiple levels: lyrics, facial expressions, the theme song, graffiti on walls, billboards, and video commentary.

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While recycling 20-somethings Y2K fashion (2000s), fans Completely high school This Hilary Duff universe, flip phones, conversations on MSN, Chad Michael Murray, butterfly barrettes and Not yet a teenage movie.

If you know Rachel Lee Cook and Freddie Prinze JrShe has everythingYou will surely decode all the hidden hints – but not many Completely high school. Leave a Gavin DeGraw, Paula Cole or Sixpence Nun the Richer song here. YOLO and LOL, gang.