December 4, 2023

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Four-legged passenger found in suitcase at JFK

Four-legged passenger found in suitcase at JFK

A passenger was called to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at New York’s JFK Airport to explain the contents of his luggage, but it contained an unusual item.

Before boarding the plane to Orlando, Florida and passing through the X-ray terminals, a piece of luggage caught his eye.


Officials identified it as a cat. The owner was then asked to reveal the contents of the suitcase.

A few wisps of red hair were also visible in the zippered opening.


It really is a ginger cat, comfortably installed, as safe and sound as it looks.

This discovery saved the life of this feline who was able to return home safely.

For passengers who intend to travel with their animal on purpose, it is mandatory to keep them in a hold or in a transport cage in the cabin.


According to information from CNN

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