February 6, 2023

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Jay du Temple stopped hosting the Occupation Double

Jay du Temple stopped hosting the Occupation Double

Comedian Jay Du Temple has stepped down as host of the show Dual career. First reported by Hugo Dumas of La Presse and confirmed by Radio-Canada, the colorful host will make the announcement Sunday evening during the grand finale of Novo’s favorite reality show.

It will be packed after registrationA real momentA special telecast on December 4 will allow the candidates to discuss one last time with an open heart.

The revival of the love reality show next year is yet to be confirmed. Productions J, the company behind the popular series, said the future of the show will be announced on Sunday evening.

Despite the Martinique sun, Dual career Storm season has arrived. It has been accused of giving free rein to bullying episodes It lost many sponsorsand has Expelled three candidates.

Producer Julie Snyder, visiting Everyone talks about it At the end of October, He apologized to the people And described measures to keep homes from slipping furtherDual career.

Julie Snyder Productions head J.

Photo: Facebook/Julie Snyder

Jae Du Temple’s departure will not be tied to the media storm that aired this year. According to Productions J, the comedian expressed his desire to devote himself to other projects before the first episodes.Double Occupancy Martinique Do not broadcast.

Much loved by fans of the show, Jaya du Temple was one of the main ingredients in the success of Rebirth.Dual career At Noovo since 2017. The show aired on TVA from 2003 to 2013.

The 31-year-old host and comedian did not immediately respond to Radio-Canada’s request for an interview.

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