December 10, 2023

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Lessons from the world for Algeria?

Lessons from the world for Algeria?

If the Algerians, alas, are only spectators to the 2022 World Cup, it will not be without any lessons for our national team.

Many are impatiently waiting for the event to end. Others, by contrast, enjoy four games a day and are happy to be entitled to so much football in the winter. This separation, visible, hides another, our African opponents who want to see their victory (Muslims, Africans) defeated.

In short, another classic schism in football, but it leads to a conclusion common to all of these factions: if not, the national team would do well to follow this competition and its coach, Jamel Belmadi, could well be inspired by it.

Screaming dolls

After Algeria’s coronation at the 2019 African Cup of Nations, he has inspired many opponents, gradually overcoming the shortcomings of his players, first, then a very strong conservatism in his various selections, then.

If the time to revisit the causes of total failure in 2022 is behind us, it is indeed time to think about the aftermath and potential avenues for recovery.

Since last March, Algeria have played 7 games, scored 6 times in 4-3-3 (the 7th, against Nigeria, which sees the Greens reconfigure in 4-3-3 at half-time), scored 7 goals (including 4 against Uganda). and Tanzania) and conceded 5 (including 2 against Sweden).

A poor statistical record, yet rewarded with 5 wins, 1 draw (against Mali) and a loss (against Sweden). Beyond the numbers, there is also the game, very often boring, discordant, the same combinations (or lack of combinations), the desire to lock behind (with…

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