September 27, 2023

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Data theft at Desjardins: Beware, some claim deadlines are approaching

Data theft at Desjardins: Beware, some claim deadlines are approaching

Desjardins customers who were victims of the June 2019 data breach must meet certain dates to claim their share of an authorized class action against the financial institution.

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Two types of claims can be made under this class action: one for loss of time and the other for data theft.

Those wishing to claim for identity theft discovered after December 14, 2022 must be registered in the credit monitoring system by December 14.

If this condition is not fulfilled, no compensation shall be paid to the complainant.

“If you’ve been a victim of identity theft, we can’t reimburse you because that’s really part of the eligibility criteria to claim up to $1,000,” Desjardins senior spokeswoman Chantal Corbeil explained.

This condition is specifically enforced because claims for identity theft can be made until October 20, 2025.

“In the case of identity theft, you must have suffered since January 1, 2017 to make a claim. But there are some who claim because they haven’t been the victim of theft yet, but they may be in the next few years, which is why it’s important to register with Equifax by December 14, 2022 to claim identification. If the theft occurs after that date,” Desjardins’ spokesperson stated.

Victims of the data breach have until April 20, 2023 to file a claim for the loss.

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