April 1, 2023

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Impeached Peruvian president wins with support of four countries

Impeached Peruvian president wins with support of four countries

(Bogota) Leftist governments in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Bolivia have thrown their support behind ousted Peruvian President Pedro Castillo, as demonstrations of support for the ousted president continue in Peru.

“President Castillo Terrones, since the day of his election, has been the victim of a hostile, anti-democratic movement in violation of the American Convention on Human Rights,” said a statement signed by the four countries and made public on Monday by the Colombian Foreign Ministry.

The former Peruvian president, who was elected in 2021, was arrested last week on court orders for rebellion and conspiracy after he tried unsuccessfully to dissolve his country’s parliament.

“We call on all those involved in the institutions to refrain from questioning the will of the people expressed during free elections”, add these countries.

A teacher of rural origin, Mr. Castillo ruled for less than a year and a half, during which a deep political crisis ensued.

He was arrested by a bodyguard on his way to the Mexican embassy to seek political asylum.

The Peruvian Congress, with a right-wing majority, passed a resolution allowing him to shorten the deadline for criminal prosecution.

The former president is “subject to judicial treatment […] This violates the American Convention on Human Rights, further indicating the four signatory countries.

Vice President Dina Boluarte replaced him as head of state, but she now faces several demonstrations of support for the former president, who have already killed at least four people.

The new government’s plan to move the general election date to 2024 instead of 2026 has not deterred the protesters. They are demanding the “immediate release” of Mr. Castillo and a shutdown of Congress.

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