December 9, 2023

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Chemotherapy of Carl Tremblay: Cowboys fringes forced to postpone nearly fifteen shows

Chemotherapy of Carl Tremblay: Cowboys fringes forced to postpone nearly fifteen shows

Cowboys fringes have a new element to contend with since last summer: Carl Tremblay’s chemotherapy treatment schedule.

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A singer suffering from prostate cancer has to undergo treatment every three weeks. Then he should take leave for a few days. The situation has obviously upset the Cowboys’ tour schedule, which had several concerts planned over the past few months.

“This summer, we had to be replaced by Les Trois Accords at three festivals,” says bassist Jerome Dupras. This fall, we will have to postpone about fifteen shows. But we haven’t canceled any shows. Everything is postponed until spring or autumn. »

Understanding the audience

Jérôme Dupras noted that people understand the situation better these days when dates have to be postponed. “It’s only positive in the messages, a dose of love and support. Everyone understands. Health comes first. »

“For those who have the opportunity to see the show during these treatments, there is really no difference in terms of energy and good nature. It is always the same joy for us to be on stage. Perhaps there is a greater emotional dimension when the audience realizes what they are doing and they still deliver 2h30 of music on stage. »

The Cowboys have several shows planned in Quebec for the first half of next year. A return to Europe is planned only in November 2023. “Carl is immunosuppressed after his treatment. Travel is not possible, explains Jerome. We have a really big big stage tour there in the fall. We hope that by then everything will be back to normal and we can go and do these shows. »

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The Cowboys play at Fringe’s Bell Center (January 6, 2023) and at the Videotron Center (January 14, 2023).

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