June 1, 2023

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Hundreds of Canadians stranded in Mexico after Sunwing flights canceled

Hundreds of Canadians stranded in Mexico after Sunwing flights canceled

Passengers say they were moved from hotel to hotel as they had to sleep on the floor at the airport.

We want to go home, was scheduled to fly from Mexico City to Calgary on Dec. 22 with Sunwing, explained Tess Frydenberger. The company said it had to cancel its flights due to weather conditions.

I never imagined that I would find myself in such a situation. Didn’t even think it was possible. We will write letters to the consulate, lawyers, we are ready to do whatever.

She adds that the information provided by Sunwing is inadequate or inaccurate. Ms Friedenberger left Calgary for Cancun on Dec. 15 and was supposed to return home a week later, but received a message that her flight had been delayed. A notification came back in the following days, postponing the flight to later in the week.

Eventually, she was told she and her boyfriend could leave on Christmas Eve, she said. But when the day came, the Sunwing employee said that the plane was missing. Since then, there is no more information about when they will return.

Pilgrims sleep at the entrance of the hotel

She explains that during this wait, she and several other passengers were shuttled from hotel to hotel in Cancún, with taxi expenses covered at their expense.

She said the second hotel she went to was not notified of her arrival and had no rooms available. She explains that some sleep in the hall waiting for a bed to finally be found for them.

Elderly people needing medicine, children all over the hall, screaming, crying, trying to sleepTess Frydenberger says.

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In multiple Twitter posts on December 22, 23, and 24, Sunwing said flights were canceled due to extremely windy conditions in several locations across Canada.

It is a lack of information [le problème], did not know what was going to happen and where did they go. If you know we won’t be home until December 28th, fine. Tell us and find us a hotelTess Frydenberger explained.

She said she has met other Canadians stranded in Cancun after other canceled Sunwing flights, and they experience similar setbacks.

Cristina Oppedisano said her Dec. 21 flight from Cancun to Toronto was also canceled. She explains that neither she nor her family know when they will return.

We are stuck here

Cristina Oppidisano explains that her group of 10 people, including four children, were sent to unannounced hotels. Had to sleep at the airport or hotel entrance.

She claimed that her flight, which was supposed to take about 100 passengers, was cancelled.

In a message sent Sunday to The Canadian Press and CBC Monday, Sunwing explains a Number of Northbound flights Flights and crews are still experiencing delays due to extreme weather conditions that are hampering their ability to move to other airports.

The company did not specify how many flights would be affected.

A statement sent to CBC said refunds have been made to southbound customers whose flights were canceled due to weather.

Customers affected by delays of 24 hours or more and with trips up to December 30 can cancel their flight and receive a full refund.We can read in the press release.

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The company explains Work hard To find available flights and hotels for those experiencing delays. It invites its users to check their flight status online.