June 3, 2023

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Sophie Brochu’s successor will have to boost Hydro-Québec, says François Legault

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Sophie Brochu’s successor should develop Hydro-Québec and have experience managing large enterprises to meet the needs of François Legault.

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“I’m obviously looking for someone who’s going to be in development mode, we need to increase Hydro-Québec’s capacity by 50%, someone who can obviously work as a team (…), so one person already manages large organizations,” said the Prime Minister at a press conference in Parliament on Wednesday.

Sophie Brochu announced on Tuesday that she will step down as president of the state-owned company on April 11. Earlier, Hydro-Quebec’s big boss raised objections as Francois Legault prepared to hand over the economy and energy portfolios to Pierre Fitzgibbon.

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We had to avoid Quebec becoming a “one-dollar store” for electricity with the goal of attracting foreign companies.

“There was never any question of a Quebec dollarama,” asserted Francois Legault when reminded of this warning by a reporter. On the other hand, chances are, you need to look at the whole picture.

The Premier then explained that in his view, Quebec has the opportunity to attract new customers for Hydro-Québec, while generating additional revenue for the state.

“We have to take advantage of this opportunity. There are many businesses, including Quebec businesses, that have development projects that require clean energy. With the additional revenue that comes in you should be able to add to the profits at Hydro-Québec,” he said.

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Mr. Legault hopes to close the wealth gap that separates Quebec from Ontario. “If we compare ourselves to Ontario, we lose $10 billion a year in revenue from the Quebec government,” he added.

Affirming his desire to work with opposition parties, the premier announced that he will meet with leaders of other parties, including Quebec’s Conservative Party, Eric Duhaime, to discuss Quebec’s electrification and other important issues. As the cost of living rises.

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