June 3, 2023

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Recently, she received threats for having an extramarital affair

Recently, she received threats for having an extramarital affair

The root of this saga seems to be a general misunderstanding and misunderstanding of the policy on waste management at Mason-Angers between a citizen and a restaurant.

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At least the citizen involved explained to TVA Novelles.

This resident was misinformed about the rules when she left her garbage cans in a container at a destination restaurant in the middle of the night.

Originally from Congo, she and her family moved to the country just two months ago.

She said she had no idea how to dispose of her waste.

A neighbor allegedly told him to dispose of it in a restaurant container.

The next day, the owner took revenge. He returned the resident’s waste to his land and published a publication explaining his conduct.

The post was deleted after thousands of shares on social media.

The citizen stated that he has been living in fear ever since the incident and also fears for the safety of his family.

“I went here and I was really upset because I got a lot of threats. There were people who threw garbage cans in front of the house. There were people who threw stones at my window and insulted me. Some people say that I have spoiled the neighborhood, but it’s because I don’t know right. So, I A little bit in shock there,” the resident said.

The councilor for the Masson-Angers sector, Mario Aubé, wanted to do his duty by going to meet her to explain the policy to her and bring her labels to properly dispose of her waste.

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“I took time to explain it to her because she didn’t know the procedures. Now she knows how it works. […] At the same time, this family has learned the operating system for retrieving our garbage here,” said the municipal councillor.

A citizen is studying the possibility of filing a complaint against a restaurant owner who shared his personal information on social networks.