December 8, 2023

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The French situation: no time to cheat!

The French situation: no time to cheat!

A return of 2e Legault mandated the government today.

And history teaches that second words are often hell. Ambitions and promises come up against shifting speculation.

As for the CAQ government, inflation, which is expected to ease soon, has time to stamp out the many infrastructure projects it has launched.

A recession (even if projected without significant job losses) could cut into state revenues, necessitating “rebuilding” of cracked health and education systems everywhere.

At the same time, negotiations with public sector employees (catch-up and anti-inflation wage hikes) are likely to lead to serious clashes.


Second orders are also historically difficult, as every political decision reaches the point where all the disaffected complain in chorus.

As reported destiny In recent days, Francois Legault wants to continue with his main projects, not disperse. In his big office, he said: “We will let the elections do their thing. We’ll leave that to press review.

Quite a turn off from opinion polling addict. And according to historian Eric Bedard, one of his former advisers in the early 2000s, “was tired of trying to convince such a columnist or such a journalist”. (Review The downsideFall 2022.)

The politician sees the end of his career on the horizon, with second orders to tell himself, “It’s time to work on my legacy or never.”

A kind of “biological clock” is even more important for a character like Francois Legault, who defines himself as a man of “results.”

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What about “action”?

In this background, the government’s new change in the French language is incomprehensible.

Time is running out, the heart and soul of Quebec identity is crumbling, and he’s getting back in touch. As in the heyday of the Larose Commission (2000-2001), this “States General on the Situation and Future of French-speaking Quebec” was initiated by Lucien Bouchard, who wanted to save time; A fruitless exercise.

Contact: This is the main goal of the Action Group for the Future of the French Language (GAALF), launched on Friday by the new Minister of the French Language, Jean-François Roberge.

Action group… it doesn’t act. Who will contact; Conducts “awareness” campaigns! The same government, not a year ago, gave birth to the ambitious reform of Law 101 with difficulty. And after much consultation. The government is not talking about it. Does he apply it?

Simon Jolin-Barrett, the Minister for Justice, who initiated the legislation, was not invited to join the GAALF; However, Pascale Déry, the Minister of Higher Education, a former spokesperson who defended Michael Rousseau, this CEO of Air Canada, was too busy to learn French during her 14 years living in Quebec, she said yes.

This is not good.

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