June 7, 2023

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Fraud: A large number of Quebecers don’t recognize it

Fraud: A large number of Quebecers don't recognize it

In the digital age, the number of frauds continues to increase, so that almost eight in 10 Quebecers (78%) believe they cannot reliably detect them.

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This was revealed in a recent survey conducted by Maru Public Opinion on behalf of TD Bank. The results show that 47% of Quebecers feel more likely to be targeted by scammers and 52% say they are more likely to be scammed.

However, 44% of respondents in La Belle Province did not take any measures to protect themselves from this type of crime in the past year.

“It is important to remain vigilant at a time when fraudsters can take advantage of the financial difficulties many Canadians are facing right now. Along with strict security measures for its customers, TD is looking for the best way to protect against financial fraud and know how to detect it,” said Mohamed Manji, Vice President of Canadian Fraud Management at TD.

The latter makes it clear that the grandparent or urgent needs scam is very popular among fraudsters. “This terrible scam works so often because it takes advantage of the desire to take care of loved ones. If you get a call for money claiming to be a relative or friend, call immediately and call their home phone number,” he advised.

The survey was conducted online with 1,521 Canadians on February 3 and 4.

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1. Learn about scams so you can spot and avoid them more easily.
2. Beware of unsolicited messages. Don’t click on a link from an email address or phone number you don’t know.
3. Check your bank statements and account activity regularly.
4. Protect your personal information, our PIN and your passwords. If you lose your card, block it immediately.