June 1, 2023

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SAAQ: Sensitive police officers in Janquier

SAAQ: Sensitive police officers in Janquier

If SAAQ customers in the main centers continue to line up, in Saguenay and especially in Jonquière, things are already looking better.

Only ten people were in the queue an hour before Janquier’s office opened this morning. But inside, staff agreed to process files only by appointment.

“My appointment for the vehicle transfer is next week, a man told us at the exit. On the website, it’s not clear how to make an appointment and it’s not always accessible.

Others are concerned about the consequences of a driver’s license or registration renewal delay due to computer problems.

“I was told I definitely had to make an appointment,” another person said. “I’m no longer driving with an invalid registration.

Under the circumstances, the Saguenay Police Department will exercise discretion.

“If your license or your registration is not renewed because of a computer problem, you will not receive a ticket on this matter,” explained Saguenay police spokesman Dominique Gagnon. It’s really contextual.”

Car dealers also lamented several failures of the SAAQclic system last week. A jointly owned vehicle, for example, is not always recognized by the system. However, starting Monday, dealers are conducting twice-a-week daily calls or webinars with SAAQ technicians.

“There is already an improvement,” said Olivier Blouin, President of Saguenay Corporation – Lac-Saint-Jean Dealers. “There are a lot of technical aspects. We feel that SAAQ wants dealers and customers to be satisfied with the service even though people are yet to see progress,” he added.

Another person left frustrated after not being able to complete his transaction today at Janquier.

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“There are more security guards than clerks!, he estimated. I can’t believe it! We pay taxes! “

Jonquière’s office is open on Tuesday and Thursday evenings as well as Saturday as needed.