June 3, 2023

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10 Amazing Finds We’ve Made at the Zellers Online Store

10 Amazing Finds We've Made at the Zellers Online Store

In early 2023, Zellers stores announced their return to Quebec. In addition to setting up in five shopping centers, Zellers now has an online store hosted on the Law Buy site. That’s enough to pique our curiosity: here are 10 finds we made at the Zellers online store.

The Zellers banner, popular in the 1990s, is making a comeback. In the online store, you can find decorative items for the home, clothing for the whole family as well as wellness products.

10 Cheap Finds at Zellers:

1. Bamboo pot holder, Zellers

This inexpensive bamboo stand is perfect for holding plants indoors and outdoors!


2. Macrame table runner, Zellers

For just $25, we can change the dining room atmosphere. This table runner is perfect for giving your home a bohemian look!


3. Stepladder-style shelf, Zellers

At under $100, all the reasons are good to get this stunning decorative oak shelf.


4. Decorative vases, Zellers

We found a variety of decorative vases, all under $20


5. Decorative pillows, gellers

With spring just around the corner, we thought cushions for under $25 would be a great addition to the home!

purchase, $25

6. Artificial plants, Gellars

You don’t need a green thumb to add spring to your home! Zellers offers a fine selection of artificial potted plants at affordable prices.


7. Rattan wall shelf, Zellers

This beautiful rattan wall shelf can be used to store decorative accessories as well as recipe books.

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8. Woven effect wood bowl, Zellers

Serve a generous portion of pasta or a fresh salad, this $20 bowl is a reception essential.


9. White bamboo basket, Zellers

We found this lovely bamboo basket to store all the essentials around the house.


10.ESet of 2 Cotton Napkins, Zellers

As cute as anything, these napkins are perfect for setting a spring table.