June 3, 2023

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According to Goldman-Sachs, the jobs most likely to be affected or replaced by productive AIs like ChatGPT

According to Goldman-Sachs, the jobs most likely to be affected or replaced by productive AIs like ChatGPT

Artificial intelligence could affect up to two-thirds of current jobs, according to a prospective study by Goldman Sachs. Some sectors are more affected than others. Which are here.

Every day since its arrival, OpenAI’s ChatGPT has been talking about its capabilities and other productive artificial intelligences. A chatbot can write as well as humans and sometimes even better. It can also be done in many languages.

During his experiences, he learns to do new things on his own, and he does them quickly and almost freely in most cases. This is just the beginning, as currently the AI ​​suffers from lying, inventing facts and suffering from many bugs. Artificial intelligence will inevitably progress and the question that arises now is whether it can replace some professions, especially those related to creation or communication.

As one might fear, this actually happens according to a Report Just released by Goldman Sachs. According to labor data in the United States and Europe, two-thirds of current jobs will be affected by AI automation capabilities. Manufacturing models can even completely replace up to a quarter of existing positions. Ultimately, this will affect nearly 300 million full-time jobs.

As for the affected sectors, the report predicts that administrative and legal professions will be the most affected with job cuts of up to 46% and 44% respectively. Business is more physicalphysical Construction occupations will be least affected, with a 6% decrease and all management 4%. Maintenance and cleaning occupations are expected to be the most affected, with 95% of job cuts due to automated systems run by AIs. The same is true for repair services (85%), production (72%), transport and movement of materials (65%). Food related professions are also affected by 50%.

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Unemployment due to AI!

Less affected, trades revolving around architecture and engineering will reduce their workforce by 10%. Trade and finance occupations are doing well with 4% job cuts. More surprisingly, arts, design, entertainment, sports and media have only a 3% impact. A very dark side.

But, more positively, these artificial intelligences should create new jobs with higher productivity. On the other hand, this labor cost should be lower than today. According to the report, if AI is generalized, it will boost growth annualannual Labor productivity. AI can then increase gross domestic product (GDPGDP) 7% worldwide. According to the report, this same 7% number should correspond to the number of American workers who will be laid off due to artificial intelligence. If the statistics in this report are alarming, the study does not specify when this will happen.