Back to school is the most dreaded time for parents. Fortunately, these 6 financial aids exist. However, to be entitled to, of course, Paying agencies are required to meet the required standards. To get an idea of ​​what you might receive, here are some not-to-be-missed clues.

Top 3 Financial Aids Not to Miss

The first financial aid is the back-to-school allowance. It is intended for families with children who attend school at home.. CAF must grant ARS for families in need. Income ceilings depend on the number of dependent children.

Even then there is Personal domestic help. As its name suggests, APL aims to pay rents of beneficiaries. Beneficiaries include students, families, tenants and sub-tenants.

In the list of financial aid to be claimed at the beginning of the academic year, You can also calculate the activity bonus. This is an additional help for low income earners. Work-study students may be eligible if they meet age and residency requirements.

The last 3 important bonuses to budgeting at the beginning of the school year

At the beginning of the academic year, eligible beneficiaries are also a Home Services Tax Credit. In fact, this premium can help finance the costs of a home-based service provider.

Then, in back-to-school financial aid, There are also CROUS scholarships. These scholarships are very important for students. They depend on the parents’ income and the stage set by Crouse. The amount of assistance depends on these social criteria.

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Finally, the passport. This financial assistance helps children enroll in sports clubs by reducing fees. The aim is to encourage the practice of sports from childhood.

Apart from these 6 financial aids, there are other aids which are not known to the population. Local help, support for technical equipment and help from associations are all sources that should not be neglected at the beginning of the school year.