July 20, 2024

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A few more vehicles were stolen in Trois-Rivières

A few more vehicles were stolen in Trois-Rivières

Trifluvians want to protect themselves from vehicle theft, as three Acura RDXs and two Honda CRVs were stolen overnight from Sunday to Monday.

Two Honda vehicles were stolen from the same residence.

On Wednesday, the Jeep Wrangler was added to the list.

According to the Trois-Rivières Police Department, burglaries increased in September.

A total of 154 cars or vans have been reported stolen since January.

At Canadian Tire, the index is excellent. Anti-theft bars, a protective measure on a vehicle’s steering wheel, are five times more popular with buyers than in 2021, with three months left in 2023.

Because criminals don’t catch a break. Several customers of a business specializing in the installation of anti-theft systems have described their misfortunes. For example, the man who had his F-150 stolen from his parking lot in the middle of the night.

“[Un homme] With a shout to frighten, the thief turned and said to him: “Go home, you did not see us”. The man replied: Well let’s see I won’t let you. The thief replied: “There’s four of us so if you don’t come back, we’ll make you come back. By the time you call the police, we’ll be gone and so will your truck. You’ll call your insurance tomorrow,” said Matthew Desrosiers, owner of Compaq Sun.

As for insurance, it leads to expensive premiums that may follow the policyholder for five to six years.

“If the consumer starts to stop buying vehicle brands that are slightly more stolen, the manufacturer will not react for a long time. As long as manufacturers aren’t challenged by declining vehicle sales, these people will sell a new vehicle for every theft,” claims insurance expert Louis Cyr.

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