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A former Tesla worker has to pay 000 400,000 for sharing secrets with the press

A former Tesla worker has to pay 000 400,000 for sharing secrets with the press
  • Former Tesla employee paid 400 400,000 to electric-vehicle company for sharing trade secrets with magazines Bloomberg Reported Tuesday.
  • Martin Tripp, a former Tesla process technician, became a business insider in 2018 about production delays and scrap-metal use at the company’s Nevada Gigafactory. Tesla refuted these claims.
  • Tesla dismissed the trip and filed a lawsuit aimed at injuring Tesla’s business with “deliberate and malicious” behavior.
  • Trip continued his whistleblower status and filed a defamation suit against Tesla, which was dismissed by the judge.
  • The proposed solution, which Trip agreed to, follows more than two years of conflict between Trip and Tesla CEO Elon Musk.
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The court heard that a former Tesla employee who filed a whistleblower tip was owed 400 400,000 for sharing trade secrets with magazines to an electric-vehicle company.

This news was first reported Bloomberg Tuesday is the day.

Tesla first sued Martin Trip in 2018 after he reprimanded reporters about production delays at Tesla’s Nevada gigafactory.

This led to a dispute between Trip and his former boss, Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Trip worked as a process technician at Gigafactory near Renault from 2017 to 2018.

In June 2018, he told Business Insider Wastes incredible amounts of scrap metal And the use of batteries with puncture holes in vehicles intended for consumers. Tesla refuted this claim.

He also filed a whistleblower Tip with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission He added that the automaker reported a 44% increase in production of its Model 3 sedan. Tesla also refuted this claim.

After being identified as a source of trip information, Tesla fired him. Since then, Musk and Trip have been locked in a bitter war of words – and lawsuits.

Tesla Sued In 2018 against a trip accused of hacking and leaking “confidential and trade secret information” to third parties in a “deliberate and malicious” way with the intention of hurting Tesla’s business.

Even musk Alleged “destruction”.

Trip said he leaked the information and fired back because he was concerned about public safety Counter suite of defamation, Accuses Tesla of not living up to its environmental credentials.

Trip too Shared photos of Gigafactory On social media, he argued that he supported his allegations about the safety and quality of Tesla’s parts. The counter suit was thrown by a judge, who said Tesla’s behavior did not show “real malice.”

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In a heated email exchange, Trip accused Musk of lying to the public and investors. Musk called the trip “terrible human.”

It was revealed in December 2018 Tesla has been sued over 7 167 million over the trip, According to legal filings from the trip’s defense team. His lawyers called the man “absurd.”

It has since been reduced to 000,400,000, Bloomberg reported Tuesday.

The proposed solution, which Trip agreed to, was to admit that he had violated trade-secrecy laws and confidentiality agreements, and to pay $ 25,000 for pursuing information about Tesla after the judge ordered it.

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