July 20, 2024

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Access to Bell Posts | Quebecor asks Legalt to intervene

Access to Bell Posts |  Quebecor asks Legalt to intervene

(Montreal) Quebecore urges Prime Minister Franకోois Legalt to intervene in the dispute between Videobron and Bell for access to its poles.

Leah Levsky
The Canadian Press

“It is imperative that the Quebec government take the necessary steps to re-regulate Bell,” Videotron said in a statement on Friday. The company said it intends to “tell the Prime Minister” about Legalt.

“Bell’s actions will hurt the proliferation of high-speed Internet in Quebec and, ultimately, all Quebecs are at risk of repercussions,” the telephone company added., Cable and Internet.

The Quebec government wants to speed up the connection of thousands of homes in the region to high-speed Internet. But to achieve this, Videotron must have the infrastructure, the bell pillars.

However, VideoTron has been complaining for months about its competitor Bell’s reluctance and delay.

President and CEO Pierre Carl Peladio expressed his dissatisfaction with Quebec once again at a meeting with financial analysts on Thursday.

Already, in an open letter published last October, Pierre Carl Peladio, president and CEO of Quebecore, questioned whether the government should re-evaluate Bell’s participation in public network extension programs. “The question arises and the minister should take it seriously,” Finance and Innovation Minister Pierre Fitzgerald called on Gibbon.

Sad diversion from videotron, Bell said

When asked to comment, Bell gave a completely different story. “A lot of work has been done in recent months in collaboration with the Coordinating Table and members of Hydro-Quebec.

Bell points out that videotron has something to do with the delay in connecting Quebec homes. The telecommunications giant sees this as a “sad attempt” by Videotron’s diversion.

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“To date, VideoTron is the only company that has not yet signed the new agreements proposed by Bell and Hydro-Quebec to gain access to the poles. By 2022. If they complain that Videotron is working, we will all go further, ”Bell replied.

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