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Advent calendar – for or against teleworking: Employees empty their bags on December 2

Advent calendar - for or against teleworking: Employees empty their bags on December 2

(Image: Charles Desgrossillers and 123RF)

Tired of endless meetings on Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, etc. Do you hate teleworking and dream of a screen-free vacation? Has hybrid mode cost you three chargers, two pairs of headphones, and some sanity? Or conversely, is your boss, nostalgic for the pre-pandemic era, demanding face-to-face work from you?

All fall, we’ve given permission to a business manager so he or she can share their policy as part of our series For or Against Teleworking. In December, the ground for employees!

Empty your bag anonymously… and finally tell us everything you really think about face-to-face, hybrid mode or 100% teleworking.

And find a candy quote every day on our advent calendar.

December 2

“With teleworking, the mental and physical health of employees is not guaranteed to be the same as before, or indeed everything related to the development of personality, social need and informal relationships among employees (especially new employees). Hybrid mode is a good formula, however, I would prefer my employer to adopt 3 days face-to-face and 2 days teleworking formula rather than the current formula of 2 days face-to-face and 3 days teleworking. 3 days in person, which allows you to really meet everyone in the office. In my opinion, 2 days of teleworking is enough to create a great deal of flexibility while keeping the office a dynamic work environment (rather than a depressing desert).

– Employed in public administration, more than 500 employees

1er December

“I like teleworking, I’m happy with the frequency of twice a month in the office to see my colleagues, but working from home has only advantages: less travel (less GHG) and loss of time (1h30 transport in my case), no need to prepare lunch, formal dress No need to get dressed (which represents an additional cost), the opportunity to do household chores during our free time and thereby save time in the evenings and weekends, thus improving family/couple time. We feel more rested for our working day because we are less stressed about getting up later and going to the office… In short, only positive points!
– An employee in the finance sector, in a company with more than 500 employees

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