July 23, 2024

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Are you eligible? Here's how to find out

With an amount of up to 277 euros, the energy audit is sent to millions of households every year. In 2024, nearly one million eligible households will not receive their check. To remedy the situation, the government has set up an online grievance desk through which these forgotten families can make a request.

However, although it is still possible to benefit from this check, many people do not know if they are eligible for this check. It should be said that the annual amount of this check varies between 48 euros and 277 euros. As a reminder, this is calculated according to reference taxable income and household composition.

Who is eligible?

Those who can benefit from this energy check are households with a 2022 reference tax income of less than 11,000 euros for a single person, 16,500 euros for a couple, 19,800 euros for a couple with children and 23,100 euros for a couple with two children.

Remember, nationwide since 2018, energy audits represent vital assistance to more than 5 million households with limited resources. With this system, the government aims to support these households in paying energy-related expenses. This can range from electricity, gas or heating bills to energy restoration works.

This year, the campaign to send this aid took place in the spring. However, nearly one million households, though eligible for energy audit, could not benefit from it due to administrative hurdles. To address this, the government has set up a complaints desk, which is available from July 4. The platform will remain open until December.

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This window allows anyone who did not receive a 2024 check to request one, and those who received a 2024 check via automatic delivery can request a reassessment of that amount based on their 2022 income tax return filed in 2023. “, suggests the government. For households eligible for the Energy Check, but not yet receiving it, you should go This online counter claim

Steps to follow to request an energy audit

To submit your request, you must go to the “Request 2024 Energy Check” tab on the website chequeenergie2024.asp-public.fr. Once in the window in question, you must click on “Start Process”.

Then, follow the five steps suggested by the complaints counter. In the first, for example, the applicant must state his personal information such as tax number, first and last name and date of birth. In addition to the information that the applicant registers himself, they must provide a valid ID to support this request, as well as other documents such as an energy bill in their name.

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