July 23, 2024

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“Are you kidding?”: Man fined $3,800 for publishing Spotted Tourtier.

“Are you kidding?”: Man fined $3,800 for publishing Spotted Tourtier.

A citizen of Saguenay received a fine of $3,800, although he a There are spots His desire is to buy moose and partridge meat pie for the family dinner. However, the person does not know that it is illegal to buy or sell game meat.

There are no bad intentions behind the publication of Jocelyn Chapdeline Spotted. A Saguenay citizen wanted to have a freshly made moose and partridge pie for a family dinner of 20 to 25 in January. But his search was in vain. He received only one message and finally abandoned the project.

“Unequal trial”?

Two months later, three wildlife officers knocked on his door with a search warrant to search his cell phone.

These agents told him that even if he tried to buy the game on social networks, he would have to pay a $3,800 fine. Remember, however, that Mr. Chapdelaine never received this tourtier. “I never had a penny! I offered to search the freezers, I had no moose!”, he explained.

Mr Chapdeline quickly contested the fine and got help from a lawyer. “This is a completely unparalleled investigative tool for the crime that took place,” said Jocelyn Chapdelaine’s lawyer, Me Sylvain Morissette.

“Are you kidding?”

Mr. Chapdelaine was completely outraged by the fine imposed by the wildlife authorities. “They read me my rights. Is this a joke? I’m cheating, that’s for sure!” he said.

Wildlife officials termed the move as “as serious as poaching”.

The judge ultimately ruled in favor of the wildlife agents, and Jocelyn Chapdelaine was ordered to pay a $3,800 fine.

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