May 19, 2024

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Artificial Intelligence Will Kill Journalism… And a Good Part of the World of Work!

Artificial Intelligence Will Kill Journalism... And a Good Part of the World of Work!

TV didn't kill radio. No internet either. Radio will continue to exist… On the other hand, humans will certainly not be behind the microphone.

It may soon look like this.

A show hosted by an artificial intelligence (AI) like Paul Arcand, Benoît Dutrizac or Véronique Cloutier…

The broadcast includes the exact duration of your trip based on Waze.

It will play your new music according to your Spotify.

It will remind you to buy milk using your connected refrigerator. Plus, she'll tell you that it's on discount at the grocery store, just like the pasta…it's been a few days!

Depending on your interests, you will have more or less sport, music, theater or gossip!

Do you like political commentators? By connecting to your social networks, AI can create things that are closer to your views or make you react strongly.

You can also ask questions about current events and we'll answer them!

The future is now

Do you think I'm crazy?

MLS offers match in four languages ​​thanks to AI…

Media organizations are already using artificial intelligence to write texts…and feed ChatGPT to teach it journalism!

Channel 1 company offers news bulletins for everyone with their own personality and avatars who can read the news in all languages!

On Tuesday, Google presented a simulation where AI creates a podcast based on a question written by an internet user, created from scratch with two voices!

It is not only journalists who are threatened here!

For now, the promise is mainly to liberate workers from menial tasks!

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That means: do more with less… people!

The shock will be brutal!

This technological upheaval is unlike anything we've already experienced: it makes us human, threatened by AI.

Seven years ago, the world was shocked when she beat the best Go player.

Since then, AI has gotten better at image classification, English reading comprehension, and visual reasoning!

She can make the dead sing, create photo and video montages from scratch, read her brain to recreate thoughts in pictures or text!

According to a 2023 study, ChatGPT performed diagnoses at least as well as doctors, and in some cases even surpassed them!

According to Goldman Sachs, about 300 million jobs could be lost in a few years…

But AI will increase global GDP by 7%.

The rich get richer… and us, the workers?

“We need to plan ahead to avoid social chaos,” said research authority Joshua Bengio.

“We play the sorcerer's apprentice,” he said.

And with Zuckerberg, Musk and Gates, we're far from Harry Potter.

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