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Billionaire Warren Buffett Changed His Will, He Planned – La Nouvelle Tribune

Billionaire Warren Buffett Changed His Will, He Planned - La Nouvelle Tribune

Warren Buffett, One of the iconic figures in the business world and a renowned philanthropist, recently took a decision to put his huge fortune at $130 billion into the future. At the age of 93, he revised his will, shaking the expectations of the public and the international philanthropic community.

For decades, Warren Buffett It has made a name for itself not only through dazzling achievements in the financial markets, but also through an unwavering commitment to philanthropy. Its partnership with the Foundation Bill & Melinda Gates A total commitment to dedicating his fortune to humanitarian causes around the world was seen as the logical epilogue in his career until recently. However, a recent announcement Wall Street Journal He revealed a radical change in his intentions.

Instead of leaving his entire fortune to the Gates Foundation, Buffett decided to create a new charity run by his three children. Howard Graham Buffett, Susan Alice Buffett And Peter Andrew Buffett. The decision marks a significant turning point, reflecting a deep faith in his children's values ​​and ability to carry on his legacy of philanthropy.

In his own words, Buffett Expressing deep satisfaction with his children's choices, he asserted that they would have exclusive authority to decide on the allocation of this enormous wealth. The mission remains unchanged: to use this wealth to help those who do not have the same opportunities in life, a core value that has guided his entire life and his philanthropic choices.

While his decision may come as a surprise to some, Warren Buffett is not abandoning his support for causes close to his heart during his lifetime. He has continued to support the Gates Foundation and other philanthropic initiatives throughout his career. This transition to a new foundation represents a natural evolution of its commitment, reflecting its long-term vision and its desire to see its impact continue through future generations.

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