July 17, 2024

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Burger King is giving away 1,000 PS5s, here’s how to get in

Burger King is giving away 1,000 PS5s, here's how to get in

As if in doubt, Burger King and Sony team up for PlayStation 5 promotion in the US. Fast food giant offers 1,000 PS5 consoles, as well as remake copies of Demons Souls Sockboy: A Big Adventure, And you can win by eating a lot of burgers.

To sign in for the chance to win, you need to download the BK app or visit BK.com. When you spend $ 5 or more, you get a token and can redeem it for a shot at the prizes. The campaign runs from October 15 to November 22.

The top prize is the PS5 console, and Burger King is giving away 1,000 of them. The fine print console states that the value is US 500 USD, so this is the standard disk version.

Second prizes include copies of the PS5 launch titles Zackboy: A Big Adventure and Demons Souls, each with 2,000 winners. Burger King PlayStation is also offering 1,000 codes for a three-month subscription.

You can See the full terms and conditions of the gift here. Close Burger King in the US is eaten by 16 million people every day, So the chances of winning the prize are terrible, but you never know. The The PS5 is hard to find in the US this holiday season, So eating burgers could be your ticket to gaming fun.

Microsoft has Xbox Series X teamed up with Taco Bell for promotion, So this is not the first time a gaming company has worked with a fast food chain.

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