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But what happens to King Mohammed VI?

But what happens to King Mohammed VI?

The health condition of the King of Morocco is even more alarming. His last public appearance reassured a public that was wondering about the disappearance Mohammed VI The public scene, on the contrary, revived crazy rumors about his health.

It has been months since Moroccans got used to the absence of their king, who spends more time abroad than in his kingdom.

Calculations by Western media indicate that in the year 2022 alone, he spent 200 days outside Morocco, mainly in France, Gabon and the Seychelles.

Observers attribute the absence to the king’s health, which has been plagued by heart problems and sarcoidosis, but his desire to relax with his new friends, the Ajitar brothers, who are making headlines in Morocco. A king who gave them ever-increasing power.

Several Western media surveys, such as The Times and The Economist, have recently returned to these A royal escape and the malaise created within the Moroccan palace and throughout the country by the king’s frequent visits.

Although he did not travel to Saudi Arabia to attend the 32nd summit of Arab League heads of state, represented by his brother Moulay Rachid, Mohammed VI was in Rabat this week, where he was presented with a prototype of the first Moroccan-made model. the car

The king’s state of health quickly overshadowed the event of the day. The emperor’s thin face and pale complexion did not escape the notice of observers and the public. He lost a lot of weight and was almost unrecognizable. Speculations about his deteriorating health were soon renewed.

King Mohammed VI of Morocco is emaciated and unrecognizable

Mohammed VI returned from Gabon in March. While he usually returns from abroad only for urgent purposes, such as recording a speech during the throne banquet, this time he stayed in Morocco for two consecutive months.

However, he kept his public appearances to a minimum. This appearance of the Moroccan car is only its second appearance in these two months.

His disappearance from the public scene has led to many explanations, and with his appearance this week, rumors about his health have surfaced.

British newspaper The Economist reported in its survey published last April that some observers linked the king’s slimming down to the sporting activities he has been doing since he started dating the Agitar brothers.

Martial arts champions actually set up a gym in the palace. Ironically, this is the only positive aspect of Rajugari’s friendship with the three brothers who, on the street, have a controversial past.

But the face he showed this week was a reminder of his declining health. Mohammed VI underwent two heart operations, one in France and the other in Morocco. He also suffers from sarcoidosis, a rare disease that affects the immune system and requires regular monitoring for the risks of it progressing too quickly.

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