July 17, 2024

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Canadiens Nordiques – Competition: “My goal was good, the referee…

Canadiens Nordiques - Competition: "My goal was good, the referee...

Documentary series Nordic Canadians – The Rival Available on the Vrai platform from November 29. As the experiment approaches, News magazine Publishes an overview of work with texts published today and tomorrow.

Although the event dates back more than 35 years, the days are rare when former Nordiques player Alain Cote doesn’t hear about his famous disallowed goal.

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“When I leave the house, people talk to me about it,” says Côté, who lives in the Quebec area. Whether I’m partying or taking a walk in Old Quebec, I can’t miss it. And if I go to a hockey game, I get asked if the goal is good at least four or five times. »

Over the years, the former hockey player has also developed a ready answer to those who approach him, telling him about the goal that referee Kerry Fraser disallowed in a playoff game against the Canadiens on April 28, 1987 at the Forum. Montreal.

“A phrase I often say is: ‘Yeah, my goal was good, the referee wasn’t good,'” Cote said with a hearty laugh. But people are always nice to me, they often have a way of greeting me and introducing themselves. »

In folklore

Still the owner of four stores specializing in auto parts, the 65-year-old former Nordiques forward never expected to trace hockey history in Quebec so much.

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It is also impossible to stir up competition between Canadians and Canadians.

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