July 20, 2024

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Car buyback: Can the dealer keep the tax amount?

Car buyback: Can the dealer keep the tax amount?

On Tuesday, the team from the show “À vosaffaires” answered Audrey’s question about whether she was thinking about buying back her car.

Here is his question:

“The car dealership bought back my car from me last week. He paid off my car loan but kept the amount of taxes I paid on the purchase. He told me that if I buy another one from the same dealership in the next 6 months, the amount will be useful, otherwise I will lose this amount. So Do they have the right to do that?”

We asked Ian P. Sam Yue Chi, CEO of the Corporation des Concessionaires Automobiles du Québec (CCAQ) to answer Audrey’s question.

Here is his response:

“Customers who trade in their vehicle will have a tax rebate when they purchase a new vehicle at the dealership, but if the new vehicle is not purchased, at that point — there we lose the benefit of the tax relief.”

Moreover, Mr. Yue Chi clarified.

“We can wait a long time before our new vehicle is delivered. So, there is no time limit,” he explained.

To see the full synopsis, watch the video above.

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