July 20, 2024

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Change your attitude… | Press

Change your attitude... |  Press

In a tone reserved for teenagers before sending them off to their rooms to ponder, Prime Minister François Legault solemnly warned his fellow citizens to “change their attitude” towards his government's economic and energy policies.

His speech on Thursday morning is worth quoting: “In Quebec we really need to change our attitude. So, yes, we have to find ways to save electricity, whether it's public transport, whether it's fuel efficiency. We should try to consume less electricity. Yes, we need to build wind power, but we can't get away from it, there, it takes more dams, it takes factories, a green economy like Northvolt, like GM, like Ford, like d other projects. »

So Quebecers have an attitude problem. In other words, the prime minister repeated what his minister Pierre Fitzgibbon said last month when he spoke about the “judiciary of the Northvolt case” and the message it sent to foreign investors. “My fear is that Quebec's credibility will be damaged,” the minister said.

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