July 19, 2024

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Clarence Thomas name-drops Frodo Bakins during SCOTUS oral arguments

Clarence Thomas name-drops Frodo Bakins during SCOTUS oral arguments

“Lord of the Rings” hero Frodo Baggins was named by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas during Wednesday’s oral arguments.

The case discussed is about the Electoral College and whether the president can ignore the laws that bind voters to support the candidate who won the popular vote of their state.

One of the so-called “disloyal voters” was a lawyer who was in the middle of presenting his argument for allowing voters to break people’s votes – Thomas J.R.R. Tolkien’s beloved fantasy trilogy.

“The voter who promised to vote for the winning candidate can suddenly say,” Now, I’m going to vote for Frodo Packins. I like Frodo Packins very much.

Prosecutor, Jason Harrow, pointed out that The Hobbit Hero is not a man.

“Your honor, I think you have to do something, because it will vote for a non-person. No matter how big a fan of Frodo Bakins are,” Harrow replied. According to CNN.

“The important thing is that designers have overcome these competing concerns,” Harrow added. “They understand the stakes, and they say voters are better placed to make the final choice on these competing hypotheses. That hasn’t changed.”

Baggins made yet another appearance in opposition to Colorado Attorney General Bill Weiser defending the state’s move to oust a voter who violated his promise to vote after Hillary Clinton won the state in 2016.

“My friends on the other hand have failed to offer any possible theory on how to deal with the scenario of a bribery voter, a voter who votes for Frodo Bakins, or someone who can induce and change people in the state,” Weiser said.

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